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3 Reasons I Quit 9-5 Mentality

Before I begin....I'd like to say I am a well-seasoned 9-5er. I have worked as an adobe illustrator developer, multiple database developer positions and as a software developer for a Denver startup.

Every job has lasted about a year or less, why? Because of recurring themes of feeling stagnant, unfulfilled and mental decline.

After having the best empowering boss, best job (computer work at a ski area), best location (middle of the rocky mountains) and STILL feeling the same like every other job; I knew it was time to go and drop the old conventional wisdom that I must have a 9-5 out of college and it must be in my field.

I now work 3 days a week and the rest of my time is spent drinking tea, drawing, painting, hot tubbing, focusing on developing my own tech business and focusing on bringing diversity to Arapahoe Basin AKA: LIVING! After all, we are supposed to dance through life - not race to the finish line.

TLDR; I quit the 9-5 life to pursue life itself and my own capitalist agenda instead of someone else's.

Reasons Why I Quit

1. 9-5's are Old Conventional Wisdom

Way back in the day if someone told you not to eat a certain looking fish you'd listen because it took many generations to figure that out and it meant survival. Today, people still pass along going to college and getting a career when in reality you don't NEED it to survive. Don't get me wrong, it is nice to have and I am grateful I can now use my degree to earn money and take indefinite vacations at my leisure. But, this same approach can be applied to someone without a degree and with a lot less debt!

2. Lost my creativity

When I started my position at Arapahoe Basin I also had my own web services business - Sandgrab. I had one client in FL, a sunscreen company. This isn't the first business I've brought into fruition. I also started a pottery company - Busted Pottery - in college and sold one piece on Etsy. I also have countless other business ideas in my journal that never made it to conception.

Once I started working my 9-5 I noticed I no longer had any creativity left after working 8 hrs to design a website, or a pottery piece. I eventually, like time and time again, had to drop the business and focus on my primary job.

3. Mental health decline

Being in the middle of nowhere country, IL this summer with my boyfriend and his family really grounded me about what I was devoting 40+ hours of my life to. While I stressed about work and SAT ALL DAY, I saw my boyfriend's dad tend to the garden, build a new sunroom in the house and tend to the yard. I saw my boyfriend chop black walnuts and get paid helping elders with chores around their house. Meanwhile, I felt trapped indoors, or from the back porch, yearning for exercise, movement, stimulation, and substantial work - not being stuck behind a computer screen. This inevitably led me to become very tired after work not wanting to socialize or partake in physical activities. My active days were left to the weekends where I didn't have to think about work. Still, only being alive 2 days out of the week.....F that!

Now, there are people who accomplish a second business while maintaining a primary 9-5 job. I tip my hat to them because it takes a lot of hard-work and determination. After trying this route I see it is not for me and have reconstructed my life to live WAY below my means to make room for what I want.

What have I let go of to only work 3 days a week?

  • I live in my car (no rent +$800/month)

  • I eat out very rarely (+$300/month)

  • I own a 1997 vehicle (+$200/month)

  • My only bills are phone, car insurance and student loans (-$300/month)

What living below my means has provided me?

  • I have a savings account - I've never successfully owned one with a lot of money in it. After working my 9-5 jobs and living simply I have racked up enough money to save AND to live off of for at least 6 months (I am aware not everyone can do this)

  • Opportunity to pursue what I want - I look at it like how a rich kid's parent funds whatever they want except it is my money and I'm funding whatever I want. It feels good I can support myself like this :) (nothing against rich people btw!)

  • Time - Time is our most valuable asset as a human and I plan to spend it wisely



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