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5 Carliving Bathroom Facts💩

*Disclaimer: This gets into the dirty details of what it’s like to be a woman without a bathroom and how that plays out. Not for the faint of heart.

Please keep in mind how environmentally friendly this lifestyle is. Water waste reduction and recycling methods are mentioned here. BATHROOM FACTS

1. Pee bottles are your best friend

My boyfriend and I have grown really close. He pees in a recycled energy drink bottle and I pee in an old peanut jar because it has a wide rim. Pee. Dump it. Repeat when necessary. This allows you to pee in broad daylight in your car. If it starts to smell, drink more water ;)

2. Guys have it easier

They don’t even have to pull down their pants to take a leak! They have a zipper right at their crotch - I do too and I think it’s misplaced. It needs to be more from my mid crotch to mid ass-crack. I hope someone invents that. When I have to pee I have to pull my pants to my knees and squat over the jar hoping I make it in. 100% accuracy so far!

3. You can manage your period and still live in a vehicle

This ones for the ladies, but men listen up in case you’re lucky enough to meet a cute chick down for roughin it.

Periods are bound to happen every month and here’s how I handle it:

  • Baby wipes: Since showers aren’t always readily available baby wipes are the saving grace to stay clean down there - during your period and always

  • Old chip bags: Chip bags are super durable and can be used for more than just holding your chips. We have a whole stack waiting to be reused as garbage bags or my period bag. I normally lay down a towel first (just in case) and change my tampon over the top of the bag. Once my period is over I throw the bag away.

  • Pro tip: we dump our regular chip garbage bags in trash cans (like at gas stations) and reuse them until they begin to tear or smell

4. You have to brush your teeth without running water

How do you brush your teeth without running water? Take a sip of some water from a water bottle, put some toothpaste on your brush and go to brushtown. Spit it out wherever you park (don’t be embarrassed) and rinse with another swig of water. No water? Use your spit!

5. Everyone poops 💩

Unless you have a compostable toilet, which not many people do, you’ll have to figure out how to poop. I mainly poop at gas stations, rec centers, visitor centers or anywhere with a public bathroom if I’m traveling. Otherwise, I’ll poop at work! If I’m in a remote location then I’ll pull out the shovel and dig a hole in the woods. There’s something so peaceful about taking a dump outside and not to mention squatting is the best posture for pooping! EMERGENCIES ONLY: I’ve heard you can poop in a grocery bag, but you’ve got to be super out of luck to do that. Thankfully I have never!



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