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Applying peace

As I sat, in the wilderness, on a rock shaped perfectly for my back to recline I began to observe everything around me. In particular, the water that flowed relentlessly next to me teaching its lesson to always move fearlessly in a forward direction.

I suggest watching water if you ever get the chance. It’s meditative, metaphorical and magical (if you think about how much life it provides).

It then dawned on me, in this moment, how much calm and peace I needed to simply enjoy this moment. My present moment wasn’t stolen from intrusive (irrational) thoughts about getting killed or kidnapped, past relationships/friendships nor thoughts about the future and what I plan to do with my life. I chuck it up to lots of time spent sitting with myself in silence - practicing the discipline of listening to my breath and trying to focus on it. Thus, making it easier (with time) for me to see when I am no longer with my breath but lost in thought.

For the record: I’m learning these intrusive thoughts about getting killed or kidnapped comes from my ancestral trauma passed down to my DNA. Their past trauma manifests into my present thoughts and actions. There are ways to release these traumas and move on - I've recently started practicing an ancient Hawaiian tradition called Ho'oponopono to release. Ho'o (to make) pono (right).

Everyday is a new day, a new challenge and with time and perseverance it gets easier. Eyes on the prize - liberation is our birthright.



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