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Broke and Broke Down

I recently presented this poem at an open poetry night in Lander, WY. It was the first time I'd shared it with anyone since finishing it. I started the poem in Durango, CO with my friend Lizzy who shares common life experiences with me of being broke (very often).

The highs and lows

Just like my bank account

Just like the bumpy road

On this great mystery called life

Just gotta riide the tide

Ain’t no need to hide

Just sit right there

Pull up a chair

Life is a roller coaster of high moments, low moments, take offs, landings, nausea, and everything in between. Although we didn't sign up for this ride, here we are! I've found staying content (right in the middle) in terms of emotions is extremely helpful in navigating the bumpy road. This way, the rise and fall aren't that dramatic.

Observing our society, it seems everyone wants to be happy. "Happy Birthday," "Happy New Year," "Are you excited to x?" There's this push to smile and be happy when that's actually not sustainable to always be in that emotion. Meanwhile, depression and suicide are on the rise!

So here's to being content with life...satisfied. Not happy and not excited! Sure, there's moments of happiness and excitement, but that's not where I'm trying to live everyday.

(Pictured: My friend Lizzy (who helped write this poem) and I making shelving for the Jeep I was living in at a Home Depot parking lot. 10 PM in Durango, CO - June 2022)

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