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Building a Relationship With Hiking

(Pictured: My boyfriend Gabe and I splitboard touring in Rocky Mountain National Park (not pictured Tiffany) - 02/25/24)

I never liked hiking, but I have never disliked it either. Just indifferent. Which tells me that’s it’s worth doing again and again and again. I’m starting to like it. It only took 6 years. I remember doing my first backpacking trip all by myself because I didn’t know anyone else who did it. I rented a sleeping bag, bulky backpack and tent from my college, and I brought a gallon jug of water hanging on a bandana. Now, I’m packing ultralight backpacks, tarp camping instead of tents and best of all hands-free.

I’m learning you’re at the will and the mercy of the trail. The only thing you can do is hang on or die trying (or just turn around hehe). It’s an interesting kind of freedom and tranquility you experience. Nature is our friend and she only wants to show us what she can offer.

But first we have to let go of controlling every aspect of our existence. Let go of the irrational, uneducated thoughts that pop in our head about what nature holds. Take her as she is - just like what we all want.

It’s time to end the preconceived notions of taking a walk and simply enjoying nature. It’s okay to take 5-10 mins and do nothing but be outside.

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