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Don’t forget to stretch

When I ask older, active skiers for life tips, stretching is always one of them!

Picture taken in Ocean City, WA 11/18/20

I’ve spent enough time having philosophical life chats with older skiers, by the fire, to know stretching is essential. I ask them for life tips because I want to be like them when I’m that old and they always say “remember to stretch.”

The cool thing about stretching is it takes little to no effort. I stretch my quads and hamstrings while laying in bed. Bend one leg and lean back! Another simple stretch involves rolling my head in clockwise/counterclockwise circles while listening to music.

Sometimes I get so used to the stress and the clenched unease, that I forget what it feels like to be fully relaxed. My shoulders and hips are always the tightest.

Thus, this is just a friendly reminder to drop those shoulders, take a deep breath and stretch.

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