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Kwanzaa Day 2: Self Determination

Kujichagulia or Self-Determination

A moment of reflection:

Where has your self-determination led you in the past year?

  • I started and finished my friend Nirete’s 6 month program of nourishing my soul and connecting with my mind, body, spirit and ancestors

  • I started and finished a Wilderness First Responder course

  • Had my family over for my birthday. Our first get together in years!

  • Led me to trying to stay connected with myself more. Meditation.

  • Led me to producing and recording a couple songs, made an art series for a friend and shot pics for a band! Self-Determined in being an artist!

Where do you want self-determination to lead you this upcoming year? (I would like to be self-determined in....)

  • Pursuing any art form and seeing the whole project through no matter how tough or discouraging

  • Helping my community more by being a role model/leader in living life off the beaten path

  • Keeping in touch with my mind/body/spirit through meditation, exercise and spiritual practices

Happy Kwanzaa 🖤❤️💚



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