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Living uncomfortably

“Life itself is uncomfortable, so why not live in the discomfort and get used to it.” - Me about #vanlife

There’s something magical about looking for a safe place to park for the night and setting up my kitchen every time I cook. There is a sense of routine but an uncomfortable aspect as well. Uncomfortable in the sense that this kitchen is not laid out for me, I must work for it. Uncomfortable as in, I will not sleep well tonight unless I listen to my instincts and judgement.

It’s almost like a glimpse into the world of my ancestors who had to hunt for their food and find a safe place to lay their heads. It’s the closest action to being undomesticated my spirit is ready steps. I have it so much easier than my ancestors with 24/7 access to food, water, gps, etc... Or perhaps they had it easier when times were simpler...

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