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Love All Of Her

(Picture taken by me while hiking on a winter hut trip in Kamifurano, Hokkaido, Japan 03/07/2023)

Spring is upon us. Do you notice the little green leaves popping out the ground? Some people celebrate the new year January 1, but for me Spring brings in the new year. A refreshing start after the dark, calm winter. Spring is a time to reassess our lives as we do our homes and gardens. The term "Spring Cleaning" also applies to your mind as well. What are some parts of you that you want to uproot? What seeds were planted in you that don't align with your values? WHAT ARE YOUR VALUES IN LIFE? What are some values you will use as a standard for how you make decisions in life?

"When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier." Roy E. Disney

My core values, in order of priority to me:

  1. Non-Conformity

  2. Discipline

  3. Connection

  4. Peace

  5. Awareness

I digress, here is a poem for Spring. May this year sprout more people to connect with nature, with the Earth, and walk the path to saving humanity from extinction.


We need the wind.

We need her to spread seeds, to blow snowy tree pillows on my head as I walk under tree branches, to teach us how to howl and use our voice, to snap dead branches, to blow off dead leaves and down dead trees to restart the process of life.

She is our beginner and our ender.

We tolerate her and accept whatever she has to offer - a lesson we could all use on ourselves.

We need the sun.

We need her brightness to kiss our face. We need her to wake all the sleeping plants for springtime. We need her to shine her light so we can try and do the same. We need her to appreciate darkness, shade and shadows. We need her to melt the snow and turn it into water for rivers, streams, drinking and life itself.

She is our life source and a reminder to be bold, be brave and be kind.

We need water.

We need her to teach us how to flow endlessly through life by following our hearts, our true desires. We need water for she is our will to push forward, our driving force when obstacles get in the way of what we truly want. She teaches us that even the most solid hardships will pass through and that we’re capable of breaking down anything to return back to living a full life.

She is our teacher on how to push through when we get stuck. How to stay persistent, strong and willing.

We need Earth.

We need her to teach us how to stay grounded. We need her to show us how to nurture, how to give without asking for anything in return. We need her because without her there is no us. No human race.

We need her caring ways. We need her.

Learn to love nature.

Learn to love all of her.

Of All Trades,


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23. März 2023

I love your spring poem daughter

Gefällt mir

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