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My first therapy session

I scheduled a free therapy session through my works Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Because why not!?

So before my visit I assessed areas in my life where I kept repeating the same pattern. Some life issues I've been able to handle on my own or with the help of others like my partner Gabe. Attachment issues, emotional intelligence, and compassion were all problematic for me at some point in my life. Luckily I was able to overcome and learn them without professional help.

I went in with intentions to get help with:

  • Shame in being my authentic self (Since I'd been living my mothers dream most my life)

  • Expressing, communicating and feeling my emotions (At this point I could only identify them)

  • Anxiety/trauma (Help processing my childhood)

  • Really didn't like being told what to do (still don't sometimes :) )

I got three free sessions with her and they were all blessings. Especially my last session where I had gotten triggered in the field while working Wilderness Therapy. Long story short I was triggered by the joy of the girls I was working with because it reminded me of my teenage joy and what was really behind that - sadness, grief, heartbreak, and sorrow. She helped me realize I was wearing a mask growing up.

Here's what else she showed me:

  • I found my self-confidence through sports (natural athlete)

  • School came easy for me (So I could half-ass assignments and still get a passing grade)

  • My anger implodes (Instead of expressing, I shut down)

  • Irritability comes with anxiety (When I'm irritated at EVERYTHING/EVERYONE I may actually just be anxious)

I think everyone should go to therapy for a little bit. Therapists don't necessarily fix you - only you can do that. But they can help you move through life and give you tools to handle certain situations that keep making you feel bad.

We are all more alike than you think and psychologists have seen a wide variety of people. They can help you move on. Have the option whether to stay stuck in your emotions.

(Photo taken June 13, 2024 at Fifth Water Hot Spring in Springville, Utah)

Of All Trades,


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