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Overactive Mind

What is our purpose? What is your purpose? Why do we do anything? Is it our own idea, or someone else’s. Is it really your idea or are you being swayed to think a certain way?

Overactive mind = too many thoughts = sadness

Quiet the mind to find the answers you seek.

The mind is a tool just as we'd use a chainsaw to chop a tree, a screwdriver for a screw and a hammer for a nail. Tools make the task at hand easier. But would you use a chainsaw to chop a salad, or a screwdriver to steer your car? Hopefully, you answered no and the same applies to your mind.

The mind is a tool capable of many logistics (i.e. problem-solving, thinking, protection). All too often, however, we lead our day to days with our mind instead of our hearts. Without proper guidance, the mind will run run run run run because it wants to stay a relevant and useful tool. We aren't taught this, but we need to learn to say "not now thoughts" and "not now mind" and not entertain every thought we think of.

The language of the heart leads to universal connection. The language of the mind leads to universal chaos. You tell me which you'd prefer. If you picked universal connection then start NOW by bringing your awareness to your chest. See if you can feel your heart beating. Tell your mind to power off and rest your attention in your heart space as often as you can remember.

Mind alone = dangerous

Mind + body = powerful

Mind + body + spirit = slaying

PS - Constantly remind yourself to drop into your heart space - for that is one language we all know better than any other!

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