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Quick, Cheap and Healthy Dinner Idea: Couscous and Homemade French Fries

Looking for a meal that is quick, cheap AND healthy? It exists. Whether you live in your vehicle, or want a quick (and cheap) meal at home, this one is for you!

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*Disclaimer: I make up every meal I make using my nose to mix spices. Spices are my best friend when I cook because it adds flavor to the most bland food item.

The meal

“A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” – Thomas Keller

Total Time: 1 episode of your favorite tv show

Maintenance: Low


If you don’t have couscous in your pantry you’re f**kin’ up! At roughly .19/ounce, couscous is rice‘s distant cousin. Not only is it cheap but it’s packed with protein, so leave the meat in the freezer! It also cooks right before your eyes WITHOUT heat. I add heat to mix the seasoning, but it is not required. This also makes it great for backpacking. Here is what I added:

  • Seasoning Salt

  • Cholula

  • Sriracha

  • Dried Kale

  • Dried Tomatoes

Not feeling crafty with cooking? A box of pre-seasoned couscous is still super cheap and oh so tasty! My favorite roasted red pepper and garlic seasoning.

Bottom Line: Get some couscous in your pantry and get crafty! Time: 5-7 minutes

French Fries

When I need comfort, fries are my go to. Sometimes the comfort needs are intense, so I buy delicious Wendy’s fries. If I can bare the hunger I’ll cook them! All you really need is a sack of potatoes ($3), oil and salt. I add enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan and add more if needed. I start the heat on Med-High and towards the end I put it on High. Turning the fries occasionally. If you want to get jazzy I also add (to taste):

  • Italian Seasoning

  • Pepper

  • Seasoning Salt

  • Garlic Powder

  • An onion (Cook this first for 5-10 mins)

Here is how I cut my fries:

Bottom Line: Wendy’s has the best fries but they are not healthy at all! For a nice alternative and to save money try to cut fries at home and watch them crisp before your eyes! Super low maintenance dish. Time: about 20 minutes.



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