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Remember How Small We Are

(Taken at the top of Sandan-Yama in Hokkaido, Japan 03/05/2023)

Just like the news only really shows the top horror stories, the internet only really shows the top web sites, images and, yes, the top social media posts.

To see what the whole World Wide Web is comprised of would be shocking, disturbing, boring and slow.

“In todays news I found a baby turtle under a pile of leaves and helped it to the creek”

“Also, 6 people died.”

You tell me which story will keep you more engaged, more enraged and with a more heightened nervous system.

All of this to say, don’t just focus on the headlines, think of all the minuscule stories about baby turtles too! This world isn't as cruel as it sounds because for every tragic headline, there are at least 1 billion positive stories.

Think of all the businesses just starting out AND the well established ones too. Think of all those just starting out in anything - it is slow, takes time and requires discipline. Compared to those well established in their pursuits it is almost hard to believe they started at square one.

It is easy to compare yourself when all you see is the best…ALL THE TIME! And it is easy to live in fear when all you see is the worst….ALL THE TIME!

Take solace in knowing the world is so much bigger than you can conceive. And your tiny view of the world is just that - one tiny telescope lens looking upon a fraction of a fraction of existence.



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