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Starting to understand what love is 💛

I’ve had a handful of relationships and I’m sorry to some of the guys that met me when I wasn’t ready. None of them have reached into my deeper roots like Gabe.

After doing some much needed self-discovery in 2018, I started treating myself and my thoughts kindly and with respect and love. I gave my roots the space and nurture that it had been deprived of as a child. This set the bar high for future partners. Could they treat me like I treat me effortlessly? Well I must’ve manifested someone who treats me better than I treat myself because my Gabriel is a true angel.

Gabriel and I grew up very different. I received single mother love from a distance and he had both parents providing unconditional love. That alone is enough to create different mindsets, but he also grew up in country town, IL and I’m from the suburbs. Now, he’s got his issues and I’ve got mine, but how can two people raised so opposite come together? I believe that answer is love.

As Gabriel and I started to open up to one another he was amazed at my life, my struggles and how tough I’ve had to be. He would hug me so tightly and gently that it’d release this feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time. And when I’d look into his big blue eyes I felt so comfortable, so peaceful.

This love he possesses truly shows itself when parts of me that aren’t understood or healed flare up. He knows there’s an internal conflict going on and he greets it with acceptance, a hug, contemplation, and love. He knows what to say if I need it and could probably make Oscar the grouch feel good!

A blessing in disguise, my journey partner through time, my guardian angel Gabriel.

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