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Winter Gratefulness

(12.27.21 - I painted this for a friend's program. She asked me to encompass each season of Traditional Chinese Medecine in painting form. This was Winter which resembles the element Water.)

I’d like to take this moment to reflect on how we want mother nature to cry so badly for us so we can enjoy our pieces of wood on soft snow.

But yet, when she doesn’t cry for us we are angry at her and disappointed.

And even if she does cry, it’s never enough

But instead we should be grateful for what she’s willing to share.

The cycles we keep repeating are changing how she cries and at some point her tears will wash it allll away like a speck of dust stuck in the corner of our eye.

So go with the flow. Mother knows best after all.

I wrote this poem on the way up the Pallivicini chairlift at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area in Colorado. An expression of the pain I feel every time I hear someone say "WE NEED MORE SNOW" or "I wish it wasn't so cold and snowy."

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