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In a couple words I'd say I am a fearless spiritual warrior navigating through this physical world. In more than a couple words, I'd say I am an average lady who lives an alternative, semi-extreme lifestyle. 

I graduated college with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Math. After various internships, and traveling the United States with a group of hippies in 2016, I learned a 9-5 was not the path I wanted to take. Unfortunately, my student loans are saying otherwise.


After working my last tech job at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area I decided to switch gears and work doing what I love, which is being outside and moving. I toggle between various seasonal jobs including snowboard instructing, wilderness therapy field guiding and much more. I also decided to stop paying rent in 2018 and have lived out of my vehicle ever since - best decision I ever made. 

Wait, what? A black, female living in her car!? What about safety? Bathroom? Showers? Yeah I know. Re read the line where I said "alternative, semi-extreme lifestyle." 

I've been toggling getting a blog since I built out my van. The time has come and I hope you enjoy what I put out as much as I am experiencing it.

Of All Trades,


Wind River Range, 2021

My Pro Tip to Living: I try not to plan too much never know. I do what feels right in the moment.

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